Marguerite Carmel Mills



As a creative with diverse technical and analytical skills, I love tackling new challenges. Currently, I am taking on the academic world, applying geospatial analysis to complex human and material problems as a Geography Ph.D. student. Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to take on roles requiring a variegated pallet of skills. Along the way, I have found myself directing operations and B2C sales for a 50-person team, designing and implementing media and audience engagement strategies, writing and creating a vast array of engaging materials of all types, designing and conducting quantitative and qualitative research, developing and refining innovative technical tools, and speaking to packed audiences about my work. With no shortage of experience or domain skills, it can be challenging to convey my competencies succinctly. The bottom line is that my work and educational background give me multi-faceted insights and the tools to implement effective strategies. Working in collaborative environments is my passion. I love to facilitate the growth of others, and as I continue to push my career forward, I am excited to find the next team where my skills fit the collective vision.

My Geographic research takes a deep mapping approach. As a cartographer, web designer, and researcher, I use diverse data streams along with qualitative and quantitative research methods to create accessible, place-based, and media-rich digital products that bring underrepresented stories to light. For a sampling of her work, see the project section.  A member of the Mapping Prejudice project, she has been practicing this community-focused approach to GIS research since 2018.





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