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Deep Mapping: Displaced

Displaced: A history of race and place in Southwest Minneapolis
Displaced is a narrative-driven map that tells the story of displacement and dispossession in Southwest Minneapolis. The map makes a contribution to the collective understanding of racial displacement, by linking the histories of indigenous and black dislocation and grounding these histories in place. 

Displaced was installed as a part of an exhibit at the Linden Hills Library in the summer of 2019. It bought hundreds of Minneapolis residents together in the heat of summer for frank discussions of race and inequality. 

On one of the hottest days of July, over 100 people packed into the Linden Hills Park Building for a documentary screening on racial housing discrimination as part of the Displaced Exhibit programming.


"Forthright and honest history such as this enlightens us all as it uncovers the root causes of persistent wealth
disparities. Thanks."

- reaction from a Displaced exhibit audience member 

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